Product Delivery Policy


Shipping costs are not included in the price of the products and are borne by the buyer, unless stated otherwise.
By placing your products in the shopping cart, you can also see the shipping cost corresponding to your order. Shipping costs are not fixed, but vary depending on the address, the volume of your order and its weight.
In the event that the product is not ready for delivery or in stock, the order remains pending and our Company will contact you about the expected time of product availability, replacement or cancellation of the order.
The address stated by the buyer must be real and valid. In case of absence from the declared address or any change in the details of his declared address, the buyer is responsible for informing the Company in time, in order to direct the shipment to the correct address. Otherwise, the buyer will bear the additional cost of transportation.
Note: Receipt of the item and signing for the carrier implies acceptance of the item and the perfect condition.


Shipping costs may vary depending on the weight or volume of the order, as well as any customs charges (for overseas shipments).


All products are sent by Courier, or by our company transportations, to the valid address you have stated in your order within 3-7 working days if they are immediately available.
For orders within Attica region, the cost is 5 euros, 7 euros for the rest of Greece and 16 euros for hard-to-reach areas.
*The above prices include VAT.
In case of a delay in the delivery of your order, please contact us by email at or by phone at + 30 210 6234320.


All products are sent by courier to the address you have given us in your order within 7-15 working days if they are available. SM FINE ART SA is not responsible for any delays and additional charges of post offices and customs outside the Greek Territory. Delivery times and costs depend on the shipping method you choose. Shipments are made every day except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The order form shows the expected delivery date of the items you ordered as well as the related cost. You also have the possibility to pick up the products yourself from our headquarters (260 Kifissias Ave. & Diligianni), without any shipping charges. SM FINE ART SA does not provide a guarantee for third-party products (products that are not manufactured and/or assembled by or on behalf of MIHALARIAS ART and which the MIHALARIAS ART simply resells). Online store prices may change at any time without notice.