The Gallery

Mihalarias Art first founded in Greece on 1985 contributing in the Greek Art Scene with numerous exhibitions, auctions and multiple art events.

Stavros Mihalarias, with deep and long experience on art renovates the old building of Kifissias Avenue in Kifissia and creates an emblematic art gallery with unique and rare art pieces of International Artists Greek and Foreign.

The building itself is a monument, dated in the beginning of 20th century, a little “jewel” in the heart of Kifissia.  Its beautiful surroundings are specially designed for an outdoor exhibition of large scale sculptures.

The interior is hosting the permanent exhibition of Mihalarias Art and presents paintings and sculptures of well known international artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as a large collection of ancient, Greek and Russian icons and objects.

Alongside the permanent exhibition the gallery regularly hosts exhibitions by Greek and International artists, special thematic presentations as well as exhibitions in collaboration with international museums, galleries and art houses.  The visitors can admire the works of Greek and foreign artists such as Takis, Chryssa, Pavlos, Sarakatsianos, Derpapas, Kritikos as well as Arman, Chagall, Miro, Dali and others.

On a special floor there is an art shop with art-gifts, designs, limited edition engravings, multiples, micro sculptures and other art objects.