Christos Sarakatsianos

Christos Sarakatsianos, born in 1937 in Ioannina, Greece, where he also began his Artistic journey completing his first art lessons, next to George Kazakos, in 1956. He then, moves to Athens for the first time in 1957, to complete high school and continues his art studies at Panos Safianos Art school.

In 1963, he enters the Athens School of Fine Arts and graduates 1967, following modules in Theoretical Studies, Painting practices next to Giannis Moralis artist, as well as Design and Scenography. Between the years of 1968 and 1971 he lived in Europe (England, France, and Italy). He moves to Paris in 1972, and lives there for a year to complete Batik studies at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and French studies at Alliance Française.

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In 1974, he returns to Athens where he stays until 1987 and applies in Athens school of Fine Arts for a professor’s position. Between the years 1988 and 2001 he is in between Athens and New York and finally moves to Athens until his death in 2022.


1982 – “Time”

1983 “Season”, Giannena, Greece

1984 “Levels”,”Stavrakis” – Herakleion, Crete, “Delphi Gallery”

1985 “Season” – Giannena, “Stavrakakis” – Herakleion, “Delphi Gallery”

1986 “Thorn” – G & E Goulandris Museum, Andros, Greece

1987 – Koumantarios Pinacothique, Sparti, Greece

1988 – Gallery “F”

1990 – Vorre Museum

1996 – “The Union League Club”, New York, USA

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