Georgios Derpapas

Georgios Derpapas was born in Katerini, Central Macedonia in 1937. At the age of twenty he settled down in Hamburg where he studied political and economical sciences. Ten years later he returns to Greece and from 1960 onwards he is devoted completely to painting.

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From his early work one can witness the influence of Surrealism and the imaginative spirit of the Vienna School. In these works he demonstrates his high drawing and painting skills, by a combination of realistic and abstract distortion of his subject matter. After 1964 these works are expressed strongly in colour, were the medium is oil on canvas or panel.

As early as 1965 his work is influenced by Dali’s surrealism and also inspired by the work of Magritte and Max Ernst. In his work, themes from ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations is artfully combined.

Georgios Derpapas has exhibited his work in many solo exhibitions both in Greece and abroad, such as in 1964 at ‘Tillybs’, Hamburg and ‘Die Insel’, Manheim.

His work can be found in The National Gallery of Greece, The Municipal Gallery of Athens, The Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, The National Bank of Greece, and many other public and private collections.

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