1925 Takis was born in Athens, Greece on October 29th.

1946 He creates his first sculptures and busts in plaster and discovers through studying the work of Picasso and Giacometti.

1952 Takis and the artists Minos Argyrakis and Raymondos build a small studio in Anakassa in the outskirts of Athens.
Takis creates the work Les Quatre Soldats, a sculpture in plaster representing four men marching.

1954 Takis leaves for Paris and from now on he lives between Greece and Paris.
He creates in Athens his first iron sculptures Oedipe and Antigone, Sphinx and Idol.

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1955 He produces his first Signals, sculptures composed of a metallic rod and bearing a found object (objet trouvé) on the extremity.
Takis meets Yves Klein and Jean Tinguely in Paris.
First one man show at the Hanover Gallery in London.

1956 Takis transforms a Signal by replacing the rigid iron rod by a flexible one that vibrates in every movement.

1957 He stages performances in the streets of Paris, Boulevard Saint Germain, Place de la Concorde and Gare Montparnasse with his Feux d’Artifice.

1959 Takis creates his first Telemagnetic sculptures experimenting with magnetism.
Giacometti states that “these Telesculptures belong to the domain of Natural Science”.
Exhibition of 3 Telesculptures in the Maison des Beaux Arts, Paris.

1960 Performance L’impossible: Homme dans l’ Espace at the Iris Clert Gallery in Paris with the English poet Sinclair Beiles flying in the air momentarily due to a magnet attached.
Takis travels to the United States where he meets Marcel Duchamp.

1963 Solo exhibition Telesculptures-Telephota-Telemagnets at the Alexander Iolas Gallery in New York.

1964 His autobiography Estafilades is published by Julliard.

1966 Commences work at the Center of Art and Sciences (KETE) at Gerovouno, in the outskirts of Athens.
First Musical sculptures.
Solo exhibition Les Magnetrons de Takis at Iolas Gallery in Paris.

1967 He participates in the exhibition Lumiere et Mouvement in the Museé d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Solo exhibition Takis Magnetic Sculpture at the Howard Wise Gallery, New York.

1968 With the aid of a scholarship from the Center of the Advanced Visual

1969 Studies, Takis visits the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he works with established scientists and experiments on a series of Hydromagnetic Sculptures.
Takis retrospective exhibition at the Hayden Gallery, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1970 Takis exhibition at the Staedtisches Museum Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen.

1971 Solo exhibition Lignes Paralleles, Galerie Alexander Iolas,Paris.

1972 Major retrospective exhibition at the Centre National d’Art Contemporain, in Paris.

1973 Takis creates the setting and the Music for the Ballet Elkesis of the Nederlands Dans Teater in the Netherlands National Festival.
He also creates the Music and participates with his work in the theatrical production Vacantes staged by M.Cacoyannis at the Theatre National
de l’ Odeon in Paris.

1974 First exhibition of Espace Musical at the Kunstverein in Hanover.
Takis composes part of the music for the Costa Gavras film Special Section. Creation of first Erotic Sculptures.

1977 Espace Musical at Documenta VI , Kassel where he presented the Gongsand the Musicals.

1978 Takis Espace Musical exhibition at Museé d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, ARC 2.

1979 Performance with Nam June Paik in the context of the exhibition Espace Musical at the Kolnischer Kunstverein in Cologne.
Exhibition at the Museé de la Ville de Calais

1980 Listen with the Eyes performance at Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

1981 Exhibition 3 Totems –Espace Musical where one of the most spectacular complex of works by Takis is presented at the central forum of the Centre Georges Pompidou.

1982 Takis creates the works Agricultural Signals, Vertical Signals, Planets and La Vierge et le Taureau for the Treilles Foundation (of the Schlumberger and de Menil families) in the South of France.

1983 Takis creates the stage set and the music for Electra by Sophocles staged by M.Cacoyannis in the ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

1984 Participates in the exhibition the Century of Kafka at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, with his very important composition of erotic sculptures, telelumieres and magnetic elements.
Solo Exhibition Takis Reliefs at the Galerie Maeght-Lelong,Paris

1985 Commissioned to design the Long Mur Magnetique for the external façade of the Galeries Contemporaines of the Beaubourg, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Takis exhibits the Espace Musical in the Grande Halle de la Villette, during the Paris Biennale XIII.

1986 Performance of the Parallel Erotic Line in the Musee Rath, Geneva.
Inauguration of KETE (Research Center for the Arts and Sciences) in Gerovouno in the outskirts of Athens.

1987 Major commission by the French Government in the context of Grands Projets, for the permanent installation of Takis Light Signals in the main courtyard of the Defense, Paris.

1988 Takis is awarded the Grand Prix National de la Sculpture by the French Government.
Major retrospective exhibition Electra 88 at Mihalarias Art Gallery in Athens and Performance Iocasta held in the gardens of the gallery.
Creation of a big Signal for the Olympic Park on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in Seoul, South Korea.

1990 Commissioned by the French Government to create a series of Light Signals – Vis d’Archimede for the permanent installation in the Grande Arche of
La Defense, Paris.
Creation of work Totem Lumineux for the customs St Louis in Basel.
Major exhibition organized by the Macedonian Center of Contemporary Art and Stavros Mihalarias in Thessaloniki where Takis’ sculptures were exhibited inside the 18th century Yeni Tzami.

1992 The town of Beauvais commissions Takis to convert the 30m water tower into a musical instrumental sculpture.

1993 Major retrospective exhibition, Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris.
Commissioned to design a work for the underground station of Reynerie in Toulouse.
Installation of five Aeolian Signals at the Unesco Building in Paris.

1995 Takis major retrospective exhibition in collaboration with the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, in the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Takis represents Greece in the Venice Biennale.
Solo exhibition Erotica at Mihalarias Art Gallery Athens.

1996 Publication in Greek of Takis autobiography Estafilades.

1998 Exhibition Takis Millenium, first show of the Photovoltaic Signals.

1999 Installation of Takis kinetic sculpture at the Fix tube station in Athens.
Participation at the exhibition Force Fields in Hayward Gallery of London and then at the MACBA in Barcelona, curated by Guy Brett.

2000 Installation of a big Aeolian Signal in front of the Athens National Gallery.
Participation in the exhibition Major Creators of the 20th century at the European cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece.

2001 Presentation of Takis’ Photovoltaic Signals-Solar Energy in the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels.
The European Parliament awards KETE, (Takis’ foundation) for its contribution to the research of Arts and Sciences.

2002 Takis exhibits his solar energy sculptures in Delphi.

2003 Takis participates in the exhibition Music Mirrors-History Conscience in aid of the Greek Opera House – Music Academy “Maria Callas”.

2004 The Musical Electromagnetic Spheres are exhibited at the Atomium Brussels on the occasion of the exhibition En equilibre et movement.
Permanent installation of Aeolian signals facing the Gate of Hadrian in Athens.
The Olympic Games in Athens inspire Takis to exhibit his Olympic Spirals and Aeolian Signals at the National Glyptotheque, Athens.

The work Le Siecle de Kafka is exhibited at the Art City Mihalarias on the occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
Installation of six sculptures in the Credit Foncier in Paris.
Takis Acireale e Milano, major exhibitions of Aeolian signals and magnetic sculptures in Sicily and Milano.

2005 Takis exhibits his paintings Solar Magnetic Fields at Mihalarias Art Gallery, Athens.

2006 Participation at the exhibition Formes et Couleurs (Niki de Saint Phalle, Martha Pan, Paul Burry and Takis) in the Chateau de Seneffe, Musée de la Communauté Francaise, Belgium.

2007 Exhibition of Signals, Musicals and the Brain at the Fondation Maeght inSt Paul de Vence, South of France.
Exhibition of Takis Aeolian Signals in the Jardin des Tuilleries, Louvreon the occasion of FIAC 2007.

2010 Exhibition of Takis Electra and Planets in the Jardin des Tuilleries, Louvre on the occasion of FIAC 2010.

2011 Exhibition of Takis Aeolian Signals in the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris, organized by the French Ministry of Culture.

2014 Takis –Works from S.Mihalarias collection, Art Athina, International Art Fair, Athens.

2015 Two major Exhibitions to commemorate Takis 90th anniversary in 2015:
Takis The Fourth Dimension, Menil Collection, Houston, Texas (Jan.-July)
Takis Champs Magnetiques, curated by A.Pacquement, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, (February-May)

2016 Takis-Prouvé Deux Genies d’Utopie , works from F.Laffanour and Stavros Mihalarias Collections, La Patinoire Royale, Brussels, April-October 2016

2018 Takis is awarded an honorary doctorship from the Athens School of Fine Arts

2019 Tate Modern in London organized a major exhibition of Takis work, titled “Takis Sculptor of Magnetism Light and Sound”.July-October 2019, this exhibition travelled later to MACBA Barcelona.

Takis passed away in Athens in August 2019

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